Coaches 2022

QAST 2021 Coaching Team

Celine Arnold
Program Director

Celine comes into this role with significant coaching and administration experience. Celine’s passion for the outdoors led to her career in skiing. She has been teaching people to ski for over 20 years, 14 of which have been back-to-back winters in Switzerland and New Zealand. Having worked as a Head Coach/Program Director since 2013, most recently at Villars International Training Academy, she knows exactly what it takes!

A Kiwi Swiss (born at the ex-Bungy Backpackers) in Queenstown, she moved with her family to Switzerland where she grew up and ski raced until she was 18 years old. The diversity of skills, energy and experience Celine brings will have a very positive impact on our growing club. Celine loves to share her knowledge with people, she is full of enthusiasm and you will rarely find her without a huge, warm, smile on her face.  

Her primary duty as QAST Program Director will be to define future direction for the growth of the team and bring that direction to life by handling the behind the scenes efforts - logistics, financials, staffing and management of the team. 

Celine is looking forward to being part of the QAST family, along with her partner, QAST FIS Coach Angus Rose. But most importantly, Celine is super Mum to their two little girls who will one day be ripping down the slopes.


The 2022 Coaching Team will be published early 2022