QAST Development Program

NZSKI Race Department in collaboration with QAST designed a program to develop the base technique and skills necessary to discover the world of ski racing and make new friends. The program provides a combination of terrain and set environments to challenge the participants and help them build the confidence to participate in the sport. 

The 2-week program is held in the July school holidays at Coronet Peak and suitable for primary school aged children, with an ability to ski the full mountain and ride the T-bar. 

Once an athlete has completed the Development Program they have the opportunity to apply for the follow-on QAST Interfield Team weekend programs. (Note: The follow on program is only available for the ages range whose DOB is between 2016-2017).

Enrolments and further details for the QAST Development Program can be found on the NZSki website (Will be available May 2023)


  • 12 days of coaching, focusing on development of fundamental ski skills
  • Program hours: 8:30am - 2:00pm
  • Participation in Schools Race, registration through Snowsports New Zealand


  • Training in July: 1st to 3rd, 5th to 8th, 11th to 13th. 
  • 15th (GS) and 16th (Dual) July: Coronet Peak National Junior Schools Champs - Register through Snowsports NZ
  • QAST fundraiser 8th July

QAST Development Follow-on Program


  • 1 day per week on Saturday for Birth Years 2017-2016 (U8)

Start date: Saturday 22nd July 2023

End Date: Sunday 17th September 2023

Fees:  1 Day Follow on Program $865

 Skiing Level 

  • I can put my skis on by myself
  • I can get up by myself
  • I can ski at a consistent high speed
  • My skis are parallel in the traverse and in a little wedge at the turn
  • I can ride all lifts
  • I can ski all groomed runs
  • I can do jumps and ski easily off piste (lower exchange to keyhole)


  • Skis must be level with the athlete's nose, well maintained with sharp edges and waxed. Binding must be adjusted correctly to the ski boot.
  • Ski Boots must be 2 buckle boots and the correct size and 50 flex (a foot well held in the boot will enable your athlete to improve faster)
Equipment Requirements Here