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QAST Development Program

The QAST Development Program is our foundational program and is specifically designed to develop the base technique and skills necessary to become a competitive ski racer. The program provides a combination of terrain and environments to challenge the participants and help them build the confidence to participate in the sport. 

The 2-week program is held in the July school holidays at Coronet Peak and suitable for primary school aged children. The training program is overseen by the QAST Coaching Director in conjunction with the NZSki Race Department.

Once an athlete has completed the Development program they have the opportunity to apply for the follow-on QAST U10/U12 weekend programs.

Enrolments and further details for the QAST Development Program can be found on the NZSki website here.


  • 12 days of coaching, split into four blocks of three days over July focusing on development of fundamental ski skills
  • Program hours: 8:30am - 2:30pm
  • Participation in Night n’ Day Junior Interfield Race, registration through Snowsports New Zealand
  • Parent and athlete information session at the Queenstown Event Centre on Saturday 10th July at 3:00pm


  • 10th - 12th July, 14th - 16th July, 18th -20th July, 22nd - 24th July
  • 23rd July: Coronet Peak National Junior Schools Champs - Register through Snowsports NZ
  • 24th July: Night 'n' Day Coronet Peak Junior Interfield Race - Register through Snowsports NZ

QAST Development Follow-on Program

Training 2 days per week on Sat and Sun. 

Start date: 31th July

Fees: $1,348.00

Insurance (optional) $54.00