National Points Team (Born 2008-2011) U14 and U16

This program is now full for 2023

The National Points QAST program is designed for athletes in U14 and U16 (2008 to 2011) and to get juniors excited about ski racing and to develop the physical and mental skills needed to compete as a ski racer. Athletes are selected from the Interfield Team U12 and U14 group on the basis of ability as assessed by the Program Director. Athletes from outside QAST who would like to join the National Points Team have to meet the required level. In the National Points Team we are looking to develop the skills acquired by the athletes in the Interfield Team and grow their skill set. It's all about development with the emphasis still on fundamentals, adding a larger percentage of the 'Train to Race' phase and the 'Competition' phase. This is undertaken in an atmosphere where over 4 years we develop independence and professionalism with athletes taking responsibility for themselves and acquiring the skills needed to transition to the FIS program.

Athletes born in 2011-2010 who don't meet the skiing level requirements for the National Points Team are still valued members of the club and can remain in the Interfield Team until they have attained the level to either move into the National Points Team or to join the Coaching Pathway to become a qualified coach (2009 and older)


  • Gates: 50%
  • Technique Drills: 25%
  • Freeski: 25%

Program Includes

  • Dryland training. Note: An Events Centre membership will need to be purchased for U16 athletes.
  • A QAST jacket (to be returned end of season, please empty pockets and wash). Note: Athletes are also required to wear black ski pants 
  • If your athlete's jacket is not returned in good condition your jacket bond will be retained.
  • Access to ski tuning - This can be purchased from the QAST shop.
  • Video analysis (Sprongo)


If Born 2011:

  • Can carve on all runs and ski with speed and good technique off piste.
  • Have been in QAST or another ski racing club.
  • Have podiumed at Interfield races
  • Have all the correct equipment (see link) for ski and dryland training.
  • My parents tune my skis after each training and I am learning to do so.
  • I take care of all my gear (straps on skis, goggle protection etc)
  • I can cross block in 25mm gates

If Born 2010:

  • Can do all of the above.
  • Have experience in GS, Slalom and Super G
  • I can cross block 27mm gates
  • I have raced in all of the National Points Series (Coronet Peak, Mt Hutt, Cardrona)

If Born 2008 & 2009

Short Term Goal:

  • Get selected for the New Zealand Youth Squad
  • Podium at the National Point races.
  • Have an outstanding work ethic.
Medium Term Goal
  • Gain maturity, get physically and mentally strong, achieve high technical standards and be ready to move up to FIS level to race at a national level.
Long Term Goal
  • Race at FIS level internationally.

    Option 1. Full Time 5-Day Program 

    QAST has partnered with Wakatipu High School to allow our athletes to train full time while pursuing their academic goals. This long-established program supports students to train on the mountain five days a week with teacher support to help maintain their academic studies after school.
    Located in Frankton, Wakatipu High School offers athletes a high-performance academy catering to local and international athletes. For more information about Wakatipu High School click here

    This program is based on 5-days per week training, with half days on Wed, Thu and Friday returning to school at 12pm. Full days on Sat and Sun plus school holidays.

    The full time program is also available in 2023 to National Points Team members who are still attending primary school. In this program academic catch up is the parents' responsibility

    Start date: 17th June 2023

    End date: 23rd September 2023, Spring Camp 25th to 29th September


    $6420 (Early Bird - Installment option available until 30th November 2022)

    $7000 (Regular Rate - Available until 20th May)

    Insurance (optional) $257 / 280

    Enrolment Here

    Option 2.  2-Day Weekend

    This program is based on weekends and school holidays.

    Start date: 17th June 2023

    End date: 23rd September 2023, Spring Camp 25th to 29th September 2023


    $3575 (Early Bird - Installment option available until 30th November 2022)

    $3900 (Regular Rate - Available until 30th May 2023)

    Insurance (optional) $143 / 156

    Additional Training Days

    2-Day Weekend athletes have the opportunity to purchase additional training days throughout the season at a cost of $95 per day. Additional training days are available to purchase here.

    Program Enrolment Here

    Equipment Requirement Here

    Volunteer Bond

    We require a volunteer bond of $450 on top of these fees which is returned to you at the end of the season if you have completed the requirements. Please see the Volunteer page for further details

    Additional Camps

    Additional technical camps covering Slalom, GS and Super-G training will be held outside of Queenstown. This is an opportunity for the athletes to spend time with their fellow skiers and coaches independently fine tuning their racing skills. Details and costs to be confirmed. Costs will be payable prior to departure for the camp.