Volunteer Day Sign Up

Parents with athletes in all QAST programs are one of our most valuable resources and are critical to the program’s success. In a non-profit organisation like QAST, a level of parental commitment is expected to meet our seasonal demand for labour and fundraising. Volunteering helps to keep program fees affordable.

The key race fundraisers for QAST each year are the International Coronet Cup FIS Race and the New Zealand National Championships as well as National Points races. QAST, in conjunction with NZSki are responsible for organising volunteers for these races. It is absolutely essential that on these race days we have enough people to undertake tasks such as gate keeping, timing, marshalling and result recording to ensure the smooth running of these races.

It is a requirement that each family volunteers for a minimum of 3 days per athlete that they have in the program with a maximum of 6 days to be completed per family. If you are a committee member you will be credited one volunteer day.

We require a volunteer bond of $450 per athlete. This bond must be paid up front at the start of the season and will be refunded or credited against your account if your commitment has been fulfilled. If you are not able to complete all of your volunteer days you will lose your volunteer bond and be invoiced an additional $450 per athlete. These funds will be used to source and pay for outside help. We want to re-iterate that we don't view this as a buy out option for your required volunteer days, this mechanism is only in place to ensure the club is fairly compensated if circumstances arise beyond your control that affect your ability to complete all of your required volunteer days. 

If you have personal circumstances which mean you are not able to assist with volunteering at races please let us know when you register. For the 2023 winter season we will have a limited number of alternative volunteering options. You are welcome to have another family member or friend help out with your volunteering. We look forward to seeing everyone actively volunteering during the season. 

For the 2023 winter season we will also require volunteers for the National Junior Schools Races and the Junior Interfield Series but these days will not count against your volunteer days.

Signup for Volunteer Days will be released closer to the 2023 season.

Click the Signup Genius link to select your volunteer days or to choose the buy out option: